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Boudoir Photography






Despite being a friendly little company, we are world leaders in pin up and vintage boudoir photography who prize quality over quantity in the imagery when it comes to our photoshoots. 


 Based in central England, our all-female team specialise in luxury makeover photoshoots for pin up and glamorous boudoir for all ladies, and our staff are at your service to provide you with a pampering, fun, and confidence-boosting experience, with exquisite photographs of you looking your most beautiful.

Our Award-Winning work has over 1000 five star reviews from our happy clients live on our Facebook page, and around half a million people follow our celebrated work across social media - more than any other makeover photoshoot company in the world. We are considered the best at what we do industry-wide and have been featured over 100 times in National and International Press*.

(*We only ever feature images from clients who have kindly given their permission for us to do so and will of course respect the complete privacy of those who prefer to keep their images unseen).


DOLLHOUSE is really quite different from the other makeover and boudoir photoshoot companies you'll come across. Our lovely clients experience that first hand, and here's how...

Based in a spacious and comfortable professional photography studio in the very centre of Birmingham England, we are a boutique company who are world renown for our unique work in spellbinding makeover photoshoots for ladies of all ages and sizes. We shoot in a range of beautiful styles from pin up to modern lingerie, burlesque to boudoir, avant garde to Hollywood Glamour... and everything in between! View our photography in our portfolios to see what we do, and do not be fooled into thinking we only photograph professional models - you too will look flawless with our clever body-sculpting posing, flattering lighting, professional styling and as much or as little as you like on the airbrushing afterwards!

Shoots from £499 with no hidden costs & all photos included...
Unlike most makeover photoshoots who advertise cheap deals and then sting you afterwards with the unexpectedly high cost to get all your pictures back, we provide your edited images as part of the shoot cost. We do not offer 'while you wait' images (expert retouching and post production takes hours, not minutes!).
With DOLLHOUSE, you get what you pay for - and our customer feedback is exceptional
We are an all-girl team...
Professional but friendly ladies who understand you will be nervous to come for your shoot. We know what it's like to have body hang ups (we all have them - especially our tummies!) and we know the best tricks to pose you to slim the figure and create a more hourglass shape - and there's no need to worry about covering your curvy areas or parts of 'orange peel' as it will all be beautifully lit to make you look amazing and then edited in your final photos to create a flawless but not 'overly airbrushed' you. It's our job to make you comfortable and feel at ease, as well as having fun! We take our time, and our work is carried out to perfection.
Our DIRECTOR Chrissy...
...who is world-renowned and award-winning for her photography in pin up, boudoir and elaborate creative work, photographs all our clients. Chrissy also lovingly edits all of the images that are taken at our studio with her unique and celebrated style. During your photoshoot, our lovely ladies will show you & guide you though all the poses & facial expressions the entire time, so there will be no awkward moments wondering what to do or how to look sexy. Just look at our portflio (which is made up largely of every-day ladies) and you'll see for yourself the phenomenal transformations we create.
We photograph all ages, all sizes...
 We have a spellbinding wardrobe worth around £250,000 consisting of 1000s of stunning garments, shoes and lingerie in sizes XS-XXXL as well as a huge array of props, elegant furniture and beautiful accessories which saves you time and (a LOT of) money going out to buy special outfits for a shoot! All you need to bring is a thong to wear under our luxurious garments, and some stockings! 
We are so easy to get to...
The DOLLHOUSE Studio is a few minutes drive from Birmingham New Street train station and there is free parking.
We also offer Deluxe photoshoots in London.
Our work speaks for itself...
The most important part of a photoshoot is the end result... the pictures! Our work is in such high demand that we have international clients every week, and Chrissy Sparks embarks on sell out tours around the world.
Just take a look through our portfolios and see our work to get a feel for what we do.
We have photographed around 2500 women to date since we launched 10 years ago.
There's an art to taking sexy lingerie photos without them looking a bit tacky, an art which we have mastered and become known for. Our work may be quite revealing but it is always elegant, glamorous and luxurious - and the option to cover up a bit more is always there if you prefer!








How do I book a shoot?



Simply choose which package you like from our PRICES page and drop us a message when you have chosen your shoot package. You can also give us a call on 0121 227 5028 if you have any questions prior to booking!

We do not share your details with third parties or bombard you with messages either.





How far in advance do I need to book / availability?


Depending on the season, a few weeks. If you would like your shoot sooner, get in touch and we'll see what we can do to fit you in much sooner!




Where is DOLLHOUSE based?


We are in central Birmingham, England - our address is below. We also offer photoshoots in London.



199 Warstone Lane,

Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham

B18 6JR England

Boudoir Photography
Boudoir Photography
Boudoir Photography


  • Our lovely studio is located in the beautiful Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham City Centre. There is free parking and we are just a few minutes drive from New Street Station. Please notify us if you would like to use our free parking so we can give you access info.


  • We are a mile or so from Birmingham New Street Station, Birmingham Moor Street Station and Birmingham Snow Hill Station, and around 8 miles from Birmingham Airport and Birmingham International train stations. Find great travel rates at the Trainline site.


  • Parking:  Please email us for info


  • International clients - the nearest airport to our studio is Birmingham International Airport. It is a £25 taxi ride away from us which takes between 30-60 minutes. There is also a direct train from Birmingham International Train Station to Birmingham New Street train station (Grand Central) which takes around 10 minutes. Hotels near our studio we recommend are The Raddison (4*or The Holliday Inn (2/3*).





Does it matter if I have never had a shoot before?

Absolutely not! Most of the ladies who come to our photo shoots have never had a professional photoshoot before and are a bit camera shy. Our female photographer will give you guidance from start to finish to help you pose like a magazine girl! We know you will be a bit nervous and are accustomed to putting our clients at ease to make it a fun experience.



What outfit sizes do you have?

Our 'Wardrobe of Dreams' worth around £250,000 boasts a marvellous range of beautiful attire (PinUp Swimwear, Lingerie, PinUp Dresses, Nautical PinUp Outfits, Aviation PinUp Outfits, Props and modern style garments too) in sizes UK 8 - 24 and often order individual items for clients when a shoot is booked for a lady with particular tastes. We work with a range of boutique designers who create bespoke garments for us and we are continuously rotating our designer clothes and accessories to keep it fresh. 



How long does a shoot last?

Timings do tend to vary, but on average they are a few hours. 


We don't like to rush and hair and make up styling time varies between 1.5-3.5 hours on each shoot. We factor in time for cups of tea or cocktails, trying on outfits and chatting during the shoot to create a relaxed and fun atmosphere. We take a quality not quantity approach to our work and like to allocate more than enough time for every shoot.


Who is the photographer?

Our head photographer and director Chrissy Sparks is an internationally published, award-winning female photographer. She's very approachable and friendly, and is an expert in choreography to guide you through every pose in your shoot.  



Can I bring someone with me to the shoot?

Yes, you are very welcome to bring a friend or partner along to your shoot but please ask them to bring something to read or do quietly and let us know in advance. Guests are welcome to relax with a drink in our lounge or main studio area during your styling time and photoshoot.

Please do not bring anyone under 18 to our studio without dscussng it with us first. Children are not permitted in the studio at any time unless you have booked a famly photoshoot or mother and daughter shoot - in which case every child needs to be fully supervised at all times and must sit without causing interruption when not being photographed.  Any damage to our props, wardrobe or studio caused by children will be charagble to the client for replacement.


You can also book a double shoot with a friend! 

If you bring someone with you to your photoshoot please ask them not to take photos or videos during your shoot. We are happy for clients to take some 'selfies', but do not permit the use of videography, and we do not permit guests of clients to take photos or videos. Thank you.


Do you travel/shoot outside of your Birmingham studio?

The shoot packages on our website are for studio shoots where we are based in Birmingham, England (where the vast majority of our shoots take place). We also take commissions for location shoots in London and beyond, please contact us for a quote.


Can I change my options after I book?

Deposits and balances are entirely non-refundable under any circumstances so we do ask our clients to be sure of their chosen date before they book. That said, for UK based shoots, for a surcharge, you can move the date of your shoot with sufficient notice - this information is included in our T's & C's at the point of booking. Moving your booking to an earlier date is free of charge if we have the availability.

We can sometimes extend your shoot at short notice depending on our availability. Contact us for more info.


Will my photos go on your Facebook/Website?

Only if you want them to! Most of the girls from our shoot request some of their images to go on Facebook to share them with friends right from our fan page - but some clients have shoots done for their partner's eyes only - or privately for them and do not wish for their images to go into our portfolios. Just let us know your preference and we will respect and follow it.


Can I order prints / calendars etc?

Yes, you can order photo prints, canvas prints, posters, printed glass, mugs, calendars, t-shirts you name it! Or you can arrange this yourself using the files we give you of your images - we are always happy to point you in the right direction for these!


Do you do gift vouchers?

Yes we do! 



How long after the shoot do I receive my images?

Production time on UK based shoots is approximately 4-6 weeks, however this can be longer during busy times.


Our timescales are not quick as the work we do is not 'regular' retouching (a bit of airbrushing on the skin) it is a far more in-depth and labour intensive editing process which requires a high level of skill, attention to detail and a great deal of time to produce. They are always worth the wait!



What can I do with my edited images?

Many ladies have their photos taken simply as a gift for their partner or as a confidence booster for themselves - some have them taken for business purposes (singers, performers, models etc). You may print them any size, any time, and number of times you wish; you can share them with your loved ones by email, or share them online or as prints; you can post them on social media or upload them to your website; you can even use them as profile pictures on business cards or marketing materials.


We permit models and performers to sell A5 or A4 prints to individuals and we do not take any of the profit from this. However, we do not permit our images to be sold to commercial companies who will then sell them as artwork, posters, post cards or any other commercial use without our prior agreement in writing.

If you have plans for your images that you are not sure we allow, please discuss this with us prior to booking your photoshoot and we will be happy to clarify. 


What about the unedited images?

We provide hi res unedited images in addition to the fully edited photos (whereas most professional photographers do not). They are provided only to show you more of what was taken on the shoot, and are not designed or authorised to be used in any way.

Why do you provide the costumes?

Our wardrobe is valued at over £250,000 and consists of thousands of beautiful lingerie sets, dresses, swimwear, costume jewellery, accessories and more in UK sizes 8-24. No other studio in the world provides a wardrobe like ours, and if we did not have this for our clients they would have to invest hundreds (or sometimes even thousands) of pounds buying suitable garments for their DOLLHOUSE photoshoot (now we wouldn't want that now would we!)...

We have an in-house laundry at the studio to ensure garments are hygienic and we also ask clients to wear their own lingerie under ours for additional hygiene.  We take this very seriously so please do not forget to being a nude thong to your shoot (this is noted on your shoot prep list so don't worry about remembering it from reading it here!).


What happens on the day?

We will welcome you to our famous studio where you can enjoy a drink while we carry out a mini consultation about what you would like to do at your photoshoot in terms of themes, outfits and hair & make up styling!


After this is the relaxing and slow-paced part... the professional makeover in our styling parlour! We will spend from 1.5 to 2.5 hours dolling you up like a magazine model with one of our celebrated professional stylists, before our lovely studio assistants present some beautiful garments to you from our 'Wardrobe of dreams'.


After trying on fabulous outfits in our dressing room to get the perfect one for your shoot, you will be welcomed to the set where we will photograph you with full guidance on exactly how to pose, and what facial expressions work best. The backgrounds are mainly added in post production after the shoot.


The part where we are taking the photos is high energy and fast-paced, which is a successful style we have developed to make sure clients do not get too fatigued (as the posing can be tiring at times!).  Do not expect to be on set too long before we whisk you away to enjoy a drink - we will only keep you on set longer if you need extra time to get the posing right, or if we are shooting several poses in the same costume. If you have any mobility issues or disabilities we will tailor and adapt the poses to what is comfortable for you.


If like most of our clients, you have booked a photoshoot with more than 1 costume and/or hair and make up changes, these will be carried out throughout your photoshoot and you will have time to enjoy drinks and little rest periods throughout the session. 


During your time in our styling parlour and studio, you will be the only client present so you have complete privacy. The only other people there will be our friendly female team members who consist of photographers, stylists and studio assistants who are there to make your shoot exceptional.  You might bump into other lovely clients in our lounge or communal areas, but never during your make over, or in the dressing room or studio.


After your shoot has finished we will welcome you to relax in our lounge if you would like to, or assist you with transport to wherever you need to go.


Your beautifully finished images will be sent to you by hi-res digital download, and we always LOVE to hear back from you when you have seen them! 



And the most often asked question . . . Are all the girls in your portfolio professional models?

No! We do shoot professional models but most of our portfolio is built up of everyday women who have booked one of our photo shoots ... check out our before and after section to see how we work our makeover magic! 




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