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We will be looking forward to seeing you at your amazing shoot from the moment you have booked!


The info on this page is absolutely essential to ensure a great photoshoot, so please take great care in reading it all thoroughly and making sure you have done all your prep - trust us, it makes SUCH a difference to the outcome of your images!


We will ask you when you arrive if you have carried out all of the shoot prep as we will need to make special arrangements that might reduce your photoshoot time if you have missed anything out - so here goes...


Here's your perfect shoot prep ladies!




  • Snacks (and optional drinks)



  • Hair extensions if you would like to use your own, we also have them in most (but not all) shades.


  • For bridal boudoir shoots please bring your wedding lingerie and veil.


  • Garments - We stock plenty of costumes in a UK size 8-24 with a smaller selection in a 6 and 26.  If you wear an unusual bra size (such as a 40B or 28F), or wear smaller than a UK 8 or larger than a UK 24 - please email us before your shoot to discuss your outfits.


  • Stockings or hold ups in the correct size for you. For pin up please bring one pair with a plain (non lace) nude top, and one pair with a plain (non lace) black top). For boudoir, please being one sheer black pair with a black lace top, and one nude pair with a nude lace top.

  • Feel free to bring other options too such as coloured, embellished or polka dot stockings - the more the merrier! On a photoshoot, you want the stockings to fit comfortably  rather than super tightly - usually this involves going up a size or more so please to be sure to make sure you have a good fit. We absolutely adore the luxurious stockings at Mayfair Stockings << - you might like to purchase some with beautiful patterns or designs! 






  • Please notify us via email at least 1 week before your shoot if you have any allergies or disabilities.

  • Please eat, and drink water before your photoshoot so you have high energy to follow our posing guidance.


  • Plan your journey carefully and please arrive at the studio a few minutes early. If you are more than 15 minutes early, there are lots of lovely little cafes around our studio that you can relax in until your appointment time.


  • If your shoot is at our UK studio - please ring the little black door bell above the mail box when you arrive to let us know you are here!


  • If your shoot is in the USA, we shall greet you at the studio upon your arrival!


  • Travel to the shoot in loose comfy clothing.


  • We do not recommend fake tan prior to a photoshoot. If you do wish to apply tan, please ensure it is perfectly even and smooth.


  • Please ensure your eyebrows are shaped/waxed/threaded before your shoot. We recommend this is done professionally.


  • Nails and toes to be matching and freshly painted and shaped before the shoot (red, nude or pink) - this is really important as bare or chipped/untidy nails can ruin a photo.

  • You MUST arrive with freshly washed and dried hair without any product in it. If you hair is greasy or dirty in any way, we unfortunately cannot style it.

  • Please straighten your hair prior to the shoot so it is smooth when we start to style it.

  • Please have a thorough shower a few hours before your shoot and wear plenty of deodorant. Bring extra spray on deodorant to spritz during your shoot as the posing is  a little bit like a work-out and you may want it!


  • Please arrive without makeup and hair down or loosly tied. If you don't want to travel make-up-free, you are welcome to remove it all at our studio before having your professional makeover.  If you would like to leave the studio without your makeover make up, please bring make up remover and you can remove it all at the studio after your shoot at your leisure.


  • UK clients - Please ensure your photoshoot has been paid in full  14 days or more before you arrive for your booking & please send us an email to confirm the balance payment. We do not take cash payments on UK shoots (unless prior agreed). On USA shoots we are happy to take cash payments on the day, or you can pay via Paypal - whichever you prefer.


  • If you have any questions before the shoot,  drop us a message. You can also request a call from Chrissy our director if you'd like to have a chat about your booking.


  • The day before your shoot, please drop us a message on the form below to let us know you're all set for your shoot the following day.


Please read through our FAQ page before your shoot - it's good for you to be fully versed on how we work before your photoshoot!


Lastly - THE most important preparation you can do:

Have a really good look through our portfolios and facebook page so on the day you can give us an idea of which themes, outfits, looks and styles you like most and would like to do at your shoot - screen grab or print out the images you like to show us at your consultation please. Don't worry, you don't need to know exactly what you want before you arrive, but having a look first will help us get the best images for you - and we'll have a chat about it before we start the shoot!

If you have a SPECIAL OFFER Good Girl Bad Girl shoot - you need to pick images from the Good Girl Bad Girl galleries only, which are featured on THIS PAGE.

Thank you!




The Night before Checklist!




  • Message via the form above (the night before your shoot) to confirm shoot prep has been done so we know you're ready!

  • Comfy, loose clothes to travel to the shoot in

  • Pack - stockings (thigh highs), thong

        and snacks/drinks

  • Hair extensions (optional)

  • Lingerie/outfits (optional unless you are not in the UK 8-26 range)

  • Wash hair and straighten it without using any product

  • Thoroughly shower a few hours before your shoot

  • Nails, toes, brows all perfect

  • Journey Planned carefully

  • Smooth even tan (only if fake tanning)

  • Shave/wax legs, underarms and bikini area

  • Moisturise well the night before

  • Favourite Images saved to show us - ESSENTIAL

  • Please ensure your Photoshoot has been paid in

       full 2 weeks or more before you arrive. Thank you.

  • Please arrive at the studio no more than fifteen minutes before your shoot time - Sat Navs sometimes take you to the wrong place! Our studio is on the corner of Warstone Lane and Spencer Street - look out for a brick front building with little topiary features either side of the door (see photo). Our studio is on the 1st floor above an organic supermarket called Roots Market/Roots Remedy. Ring the bell when you arrive and one of our staff will pop down to greet you!



Boudoir Photography
Boudoir Photography

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