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Pin Up Photo Shoot London

Designer & Vintage Wardrobe at DollHouse

At the DollHouse studio we have a wardrobe that dreams are made of ...

At our resident studio in Birmingham, England, is a walk-in wardrobe with over $200,000 worth of high end, bespoke designer, popular brand and vintage lingerie and accessories in an array of sizes - we are famous for our spellbinding outfits!

We have a marvellous range of beautiful attire (PinUp Swimwear, Lingerie, PinUp Dresses, Nautical PinUp Outfits, Aviation PinUp Outfits, Latex, Shoes, Jewellery, Bridal Lingerie and modern style garments too in sizes UK 6 - 20+ - and we often order individual items for Deluxe shoot clients with particular tastes or unusual sizes.

We work with a range of boutique designers who create bespoke garments for us and we are continuously rotating our clothes and accessories to keep it fresh. Some of our favourite pieces in our wardrobe are created by Buttress and Snatch, Raine and Bea Lingerie, Pearl Boudoir, Dita Von Teese, Biba, Black Sheep Latex, Agent Provocateur, Ann Summers, Black Cake Clothing and Gossard.

We also have oodles of props and accessories to suit all pinup, boudoir, bridal, avande garde, cosplay and alternative styles. We shop fortnightly for new garments and props and are always working on new ideas and concepts for our shoots! We have been collecting authentic vintage military hats and vintage props for 2 years, one day we hope to have a small plane wing and cadillac front installed at DOLLHOUSE HQ! Here is an authentic 1940s Hawaiian style costume we invested a small fortune in! Tiki Pin Up anyone?

And this is a high fashion/avant garde dress we are currently comissioning. When it is finished it will be several metres wide and will be too large to be transported in anything but a van, and will be made up of several hundred feet of sheer voile fabric. We feel a gothic-fashion style location shoot coming on!

This show-stopping gown is the latest addition to our collection which will be delivered from the States this December - created by the incredibly talented Catherine d'Lish.

Below is a selection of images to showcase some of our wardrobe:

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