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Pin Up Photo Shoot London

Delicious Dolls Magazine Cover - DollHouse

Back in July, Delicious Dolls Magazine announced a competition involving re-creating their logo with a real life pinup model. Delicious Dolls Magazine is a well-respected US pinup magazine, which has regularly published many of our images on their covers and features.

We thought the concept of their competition was super creative, fun and exciting – elements that always produce a great shoot!

And of course, we weren’t about to let our creativity go to waste … so we decided to enter and guess what? We won!

When we were told that we’d won the competition, we honestly didn’t expect to win, especially as it was a last minute entry.

In the lead up to the competition, we were jam packed with shoots and didn’t think we would have time to enter. But, despite our busy schedule, we found the time and called upon the help of model Luna Rose. She couldn’t have been more perfect for the job.

With her utterly adorable face, long locks, and distinct personality, she captured the logo perfectly! She’s also a dream to work with.

Of course, we couldn’t have achieved the end result without the help of our superstar stylist, Zan. She’s always our first port of call when it comes to recreating a catalogue of different looks. She was also amazing at putting together the accessories, hair and make-up we needed for the look!

After a long day shooting, Chrissy stayed up late to edit the images so that they were perfect. Check out the logo recreation below:

Delicious Dolls Magazine Logo:

Although it was a last minute entry, we received an overwhelming amount of support and likes on the Delicious Dolls Facebook Page – we’d like to thank everyone for their lovely comments!

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