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PINUP OF THE MONTH - January 2016

Our PINUP OF THE MONTH for January is the adorable Heather Valentine!

You may have seen this little pinup before as she frequently visits our studio for portfolio and product shoots. Heather is an internationally published cover model and says she loves all things pinup!

Not only has she been a cover girl for the Delicious Dolls Magazine this year but Miss Valentine was also a finalist for Best Pinup Model at the National Vintage Awards 2015.

Heather was recently mentioned by Dita Von Teese herself via Twitter and Instagram after modelling a stunning piece of her lingerie in this femme fatale style image shot by DollHouse.

DollHouse have were commissioned to shoot Heather's 2016 pinup calendar and during this shoot we asked her some questions for you...

1) Model Name: Heather Valentine

2) Stats:

Modelling since 14th February 2014 (Hence the name!)

Hair Colour Dark Blonde

Bust 30D

Waist 24"

Hips 36"

Star sign Scorpio

Tell us something you LOVE!

"I absolutely love PINUP! I wish I had all the time in the world to watch old black and white films, wear long dresses, dance to rock n' roll and model for pinup posters/calendars!"

Tell us something you can't stand!

"I hate negativity, it's good to have the odd moan but people who rain negativity and doubt on other people should be gagged! Just because your not happy with your life or your achievements doesn't mean you should be allowed to dampen other peoples dreams. Positivity should be a daily requirement!"

Favourite band/genre:

"Rock n roll of course!! I love all kinds of music, I could listen to rock/dubstep/classical/rap/jazz all day long ... I draw the line at some modern pop music thought (especially Miley Cyrus and Justin Beiber!) lol!"

Who are you most inspired by?

"I am inspired by my friends. I am fortunate enough to have some amazing self-motivated and successful business women as friends. They are full of great advice and help keep me focused, I couldn't live without them."

What are the best and worst things about being a model?

"I love meeting new and amazing new people at events and shoots. I also love my amazing pinup fans, they're so supportive and make me feel like an asset to the modern pinup world.

The worst thing has to be the hate/criticism via social media. I'm far too logical to understand why people waste their time sending pointless and cruel comments/messages. I'm strongly against bullying and stalking that I find it even harder to deal with when I see it happening to other people. Unfortunately modelling isn't always as glamorous as we make out."

What is your guilty pleasure?

"Wine, wine and more wine! I say that but I don't drink much to be honest. Most of my fans know I'm a bit of a health freak and drink more water and protein shake but at the end of a long day I dream of wine!!"

Best modelling achievement to date:

"My calendar? It was so much fun to shoot and turned out to be a huge success! It's a little pinup memory I can keep forever."

Famous last words or favourite quote:

"Regret the things you do, not the things you don't do"

"Life has no remote control, you have to get up off your ass and change it yourself!"

Lastly, please sketch a doodle of yourself!

*coming soon

The following image of Heather Valentine, has recently featured in the Calendar Club lingerie calendar that is now available to order online.

More detailsl about the lingerie calendar via this link:

Heather Valentine's Social Media:




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