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Here at Dollhouse Photography, we offer an exciting range of pinup, boudoir, and avande garde shoots (to name but a few!) - we like to think that’s what makes us stand out from all of the other makeover and boudoir photoshop companies you’ll come across!

Model: Heather Valentine

And we have to say that, of all the pin up styles we shoot, Military Pinup is by far one of our most requested styles…our clients just seem to love the war time pinup look. And we have to admit that we love it too!

Model: Carrie-Anne

In the studio, we’ve got plenty of military pinup outfits, military pinup hats, and military coloured lingerie for our clients to choose from…not to mention our collection of authentic military and wartime props.

Model: Heather Valentine

But where did Military Pinup come from? And why is it so popular?

Well, although pinup girls have been around since way back in the 1980s, they first started becoming popular with a mainstream audience in the 1940s when soldiers used to ‘pin up’ pictures of beautiful woman to boost their mood and given them a reason to come home.

Model: Ami-Lou

During this period, pinup girls represented everything a woman aspired to be and many pinup models were positive role models, just like they are today. But that’s not all, during World War II, pinup models served as morale boosters, mascots, and good luck charms for troops fighting in the war.

This is why many of the images during this era were staged to show support for the boys at war. With this in mind, it wasn’t unusual to see girls dressed head to toe in military themed attire as they posed seductively for naughty magazines, pictures, and calendars.

Model: Heather Valentine

Today, the military look is more popular than ever before. As a symbol of sexuality and freedom, it’s an iconic trend that has continued to influence the way woman are viewed throughout history and, as a result has become one of the most popular pinup looks, all these years on.

And it’s not just about the military attire, knowing how to achieve the perfect winged eyeliner and victory curls is a huge part of nailing the ultimate military look. Other trademark make up techniques include pink blush, arched eyebrows, pastel eye-shadows, contouring and highlighting, and of course, a red lip.

Some of the most famous models during this period-included Gina Lollobrigida, Kim Novak, Bettie Page, Jane Russel and Fernande Barrey.

Here at DollHouse Photography, our friendly, accommodating and welcoming team are highly experienced when it comes to helping all of our clients nail the ultimate military look!

From offering make-up advice through to helping you to cement the perfect pose, we have a vast selection of military pinup outfits that will allow you to experiment with one of the pin-up world’s most iconic trends.

And whether you book in for a solo shoot or want to enjoy the experience with friends, a military themed pinup shoot will allow you to explore a look that has become synonymous with pinup modelling.

Model: October Divine

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