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Pin Up Photo Shoot London

PINUP OF THE MONTH - October 2015

Our PINUP OF THE MONTH for September is the gorgeous Lexy Lu!

1) Model Name: Lexy Lu

2) Stats:

Modelling since November 2014

Hair Colour Brunette

Bust 36H

Waist 28" (22" corseted)

Hips 40"

Lexy Lu is an internationally published pinup and alternative model. Lexy is a lover of burlesque and all things vintage, especially corsets!

Most of our pinup fans would have seen this beautiful model grace our portfolio a few times already. With killer curves she's enough to make anyone week at the knees. It comes as no surprise she was a finalist for Best Pinup Model at the National Vintage Awards 2015 and now in the finals for Miss Pinup UK 2015.

Lexy has had come to our studio a few times this year and will be visiting us for a product and porfolio shoot next week. So, we've asked her some questions you all!

Tell us something you LOVE!

"I absolutely love the film 'Labyrinth', I was obsessed with it growing up! I hope to one day recreate the hallucination ball sequence in a photoshoot."

Tell us something you can't stand!

"I HATE bullying! Deliberately being cruel, humiliating and intimidating a person can have lasting devastating consequences."

Favourite band/genre:

"I appreciate just about all music genres, but have a particular soft spot for 80's Rock."

Who are you most inspired by?

"I am most inspired by my loved ones."

What are the best and worst things about being a model?

"The best thing about being a model is getting to meet and work with some amazing creatives. Plus, getting glammed up, wearing fabulous outfits and being a part of creating images to be proud of. The downside can be the exposure to criticism over your appearance, but I am learning not to take it on board."

What is your guilty pleasure?

"My guilty pleasure is cake, lots of cake!"

Best modelling achievement to date:

"My biggest achievement to date probably had to be modelling for some amazing brands. Also, making it to the final of the National Vintage Awards Best Pinup Model was a proud moment."

Famous last words or favourite quote:

"You can be the ripest juiciest peach, but there will always be someone who doesn't like peaches!" Dita Von Teese.

Lastly, please sketch a doodle of yourself!

We look forward to shooting this beautiful model again next week!

Lexy's Social Media:

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